5 churches with Tintoretto masterpieces in Venice

Jacopo Tintoretto was a famed Venetian Renaissance painter and, briefly, a student of Titian. His spectacular religiously themed frescoes, panels and portraits can be admired in some of the most beautiful churches in Venice. 

1) Church of Santa Maria Mater Domini

This simple renaissance church stands on the site of a previous building dedicated to Saint Christina. Today it has a Greek cross plan, with three naves. In the left branch of the transept hangs a work by Tintoretto from 1561, titled The Invention of the Cross.

interir of the Church of Santa Maria Mater Domini

Corte Piossi 2116

2) Church of San Trovaso

The Church of Saints Gervasius and Protasius, called San Trovaso, has a very long history, which is linked to the founding of Venice. In the chapel of the Sacrament, on the left side of the transept, you can see a copy of Jacopo Tintoretto’s painting of The Last Supper as well as a copy of Christ Washing the Disciples’ Feet. The original is at the National Gallery in London.

Tintoretto in the Church of San Trovaso Venice

Fondamenta Bonlini 380

3) Church of San Cassiano

The Church of San Cassiano probably dates back to the 10th century, although the interior is richly decorated with baroque stuccoes and marble and paintings from different eras. The main altar features some works by Tintoretto including the altarpiece depicting The Resurrection of Christ with Saint Cassiano and Saint Cecilia, The Descent Into Limbo, and The Crucifixion.

Church of San Cassiano in Venice

Calle dei Morti

4) Church of San Polo

The Church of San Polo, which is located in one of the largest and most popular squares, probably dates back to the 9th century, even though it underwent major restorations in the 16th century. As a result, you can see works here today by the likes of Tintoretto (LastSupper) and Veronese (Marriage of the Virgin) as well as ceiling painting in the sacristy by Giandomenico Tiepolo.

exterior of Church of San Polo

5) Church of Saint Roch

The Church of Saint Roch is linked to the story of the nearby Scuola Grande. The interior is richly decorated with frescoes and paintings. The imposing narrative work by Tintoretto, whose paintings depict the last events of the life of the Saint, is especially worth looking out for.

interior of San Rocco church in Venice

Campo San Rocco 3063

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