5 old-school stationery shops in Milan

1) Rigadritto

The first stop for stationery, where paper and ‘derivatives’ are combined with objects that the owner, Roberta Naj Oleari, finds all over the world. From pencil cases to notepads, and fun, eclectic and whacky pop-up cards. So much for toeing the line: here they believe in colouring outside the lines.

Rigadritto shop Milan

Via Brera 6

+39 02 8058 2936

2) Antica Cartoleria Novecento dal 1899

Located in a historic building, this is one of the many historic shops in Milan. This beautiful stationery shop was established at the end of the 1800s and has been in the caring hands of several families of stationers. The shop has retained the original furnishings. The iron windows and dark wood furniture give it a very special allure.

window of Antica Cartoleria Novecento dal 1899

Piazza Risorgimento 3

+39 02 7600 6123

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3) Pasini 1922

Here materials to bind books, volumes and encyclopaedias take centre stage. A popular place for people who want to put together their own family recipe book, a photo album or a scrapbook and paradise on earth for fans of cartonnage and découpage.

Pasini 1922 in Milan

4) Pisotti

Do you like precious paper, antique and classic graphic designs with the Florentine lily? Or more contemporary motifs in a wide variety of colours and sizes? A place that is particular popular with calligraphy lovers or creative souls who like to make special cards or origami.

Pisotti papers and home supplies

Alzaia Naviglio Grande 98

+39 02 8940 3348


5) Fratelli Bonvini

In the early 1900s, this was a stationery shop and a printer’s. It was saved from closure and restored to its former glory. Today its drawers and shelves are full of pencils, pens, ink and stamps. Bonvini organises courses, events about typography, art publishing, writing and drawing in its Atelier 1909, just around the corner on Corso Lodi.

interior Fratelli Bonvini

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