5 concept stores in Milan

1) Nonostante Marras

This concept store is located in a former workshop, which is tucked away in a flowery courtyard. A dreamlike space, which is also an art gallery, a meeting venue with antique sofas and furniture and large chandeliers. In the centre, you can find clothes made from special fabrics, surrounded by flowers, books and artworks.

interior Marras Milan

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3) Modes

This 400-square-metre space designed by architect Andrea Caputo, with a very flexible layout, is a place of research. They offer everything from clothing to jewellery, perfumes, and flowers. It also serves as a place for cultural reflection, with their ‘literary lounge’.

interior of Modes shop

Piazza Risorgimento 8

+39 02 4549 7839


4) Garage Italia

Opened by Lapo Elkann, the scion of the Agnelli dynasty, Garage Italia customises all means of transportation, from scooters to off-road vehicles, and even helicopters! It’s located in the former Agip Supercorte-maggiore gas station, known as the ‘spaceship’, which was commissioned by ENI’s founder Enrico Mattei. The building, which has been restored, has a cocktail bar and a restaurant.

conceptstore Garage Italia

5) Rossana Orlandi

Rossana Orlandi has established her creative space in a former tie factory. The original setting, wall furniture and stairs surround an infinite number of drawers. Recently the bistro opened here. She joined forces with one of Milan’s most popular restaurants, Il luogo di Aimo and Nadia (aimoenadia.com), for this project.

conceptstore Rossana Orlandi

Via Matteo Bandello 14-16

+39 02 4674 471


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