5 real vegetarian places in Milan

1) Joia

The first meat-free restaurant, serving ‘vegetarian haute cuisine’, to receive a Michelin star twenty years ago. Pietro Leemann, the chef and owner, has continued to apply this same philosophy that he is happy to share with customers. The restaurant has a less formal branch, called Il bistrot del Joia.

interior Joia Milan

Via Panfilo Castaldi 18

+39 02 2952 2124


2) Radicetonda

A selection of excellent vegan, organic food at the counter, where you’ll find dishes with grains, legumes and vegetables, as well as soups. A radical chic atmosphere, with a communal table and outdoor terrace, in the pedestrian area. On sunny days, order takeout and eat in the nearby Indro Montanelli gardens at Porta Venezia.

Radicetonda Milan

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3) Ghea

Ghea is not just a meat-free restaurant. This ‘vegetarian laboratory’ offers natural and vegan cuisine with special respect for nature and the fragile balance of the ecosystem. They pay great attention to raw, seasonal ingredients and flavors.

interior of vegetarian restaurant Ghea

4) Flower Burger

An offshoot of the gourmet burger era, Flower Burger serves colourful and vegetarian versions of this popular dish, including Tofungo, the Flower Burger and Cheesy Cecio. The bread is homemade with turmeric, 7 grains or black with charcoal. Toppings include hummus and caramelised onions. Tables are often shared.

hamburger Flower Burger

Viale Vittorio Veneto 10

+39 02 3962 8381


5) La Vecchia Latteria Milano

After WWII, ‘dairies’ were shops with a few tables serving a few simple dishes, such as poached eggs and vegetables. People ate together, often sharing tables. The atmosphere has remained the same since then, the cuisine is vegetarian, but the prices are contemporary. Try the sample platter (Misto Forno).

vegetarian dish from La Vecchia Latteria

Via dell’Unione 6

+39 02 874 401

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