The 5 best custom bike shops in Copenhagen

1) Sögreni

A big part of what makes Sögreni so special is that, despite their streamlined design-build process, these guys don’t do mass production; each and every bike is made as a partnership between the customer and the craftsmen.

Sögreni bike store in Copenhagen

Sankt Peders Stræde 30-A

+45 3312 7879

2) Larry vs. Harry

This shop has made a name for itself by producing the sleek and stylish Bullitt, a cargo-style bike designed to ‘replace much of the functions of a car in the city, but that would also be a desirable object’. The Larry vs. Harry showroom on Frederiksborggade is a must-visit for gear heads and design junkies alike.

Larry vs. Harry bike store

3) Cykelfabrikken

Christian and Oscar of Cykelfabrikken build amazing bicycles from quality materials and with a passion for their craft – simple as that. A visit to the ultracool Cykelfabrikken shop on Istedgade is a visit to a minimalist shrine to the glory cycle-building.

a man cycling with a bullit bike

4) Butchers & Bicycles

Right now, Butchers & Bicycles is making some of the best cargo bikes in the world – they even tilt. Their showroom at Slagtehusgade 5A is only open to the public Thursday and Friday from 2 to 6 pm and Saturday 11 am to 2 pm, but is well worth a visit for gearheads and Scandophiles alike.

MK1-E model from Butchers & Bicycles

5) Velorbis

With a brand motto like ‘Ride in Style’, you better make stylish bicycles. But true to their word, Velorbis makes some of the coolest bikes now cruising the streets of Copenhagen. With an emphasis on classic design, cyclist posture, and timeless ‘cycle chic’, the Velorbis brand is gaining muchdeserved respect worldwide.

Velorbis bike store in Copenhagen

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