The 5 best reasons to visit freetown christiania in Copenhagen

1) The natural beauty

Most people who have heard of Christiania know it as a hippie commune created back in the early 1970s. Many people know it as the centre of Copenhagen’s counterculture community as well as a place where hashish, though technically illegal, is traded and consumed openly. But what a lot of people are not aware of is how lovely the area’s nature is, especially the lake, the canal, and the surrounding woods.

Canals in Christiana, Copenhagen

2) Architecture Without Architects

Another reason to explore Christiania is the quirky, freeform residential architecture of the Freetown’s family homes. Most of these houses were built with found materials by the residents themselves - or past residents - and are unlike any other houses in Copenhagen. Remember to be respectful of the residents and their privacy.

christiana houses

3) a meal at Cafe Nemoland

The large open air music venue, cafe, and beer garden known as Nemoland is the best place in Christiania to sit back and enjoy some good, old fashioned people watching. The mostly organic food here is surprisingly excellent and the overall vibe is friendly, relaxed, and inclusive. Tip: share a picnic table, introduce yourself, and make a new friend or two.

nemoland bar

5) Another side of Copenhagen

Spending an afternoon in Christiania may not be for everyone; especially if you are sensitive to open drug use, graffiti covered walls, and / or the presence of free roaming cats and dogs. But what most visitors appreciate about this area is the startling and colourful contrast between Christiania and the rest of the otherwise straight-laced Danish capital. Note: the area is generally safe, but always exercise caution and do not take photos on or around Pusher Street.

christiana entrance

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