The 5 best places for bubble tea in Vancouver

1) Dragon Ball Tea House

Located in South Cambie, this spot is a favourite amongst bubble tea lovers in Vancouver. It’s unassuming, cash-only and has an extensive menu, which includes Asian flavours like red bean and matcha. There’s only one location but don’t be surprised if you start seeing these cups around town.

interior of Dragon House Bubble Tea

1007 West King Edward Avenue

+1 604 738 3198

2) Taan Char

Known for their fruit teas, this Marpole bubble tea stop is a must. Opting to use fresh fruit as opposed to the more commonly used powder, the teas here are addicting and flavourful. Our favourite? The grapefruit. Hands down. For the adventurous, check out their cheese teas.

bubble teas from Taan Char in Vancouver
Kevin Fong

7908 Granville Street

+1 604 428 8292

3) The Bubble Tea Shop

New to bubble tea? Terrible at deciding? This is the bubble tea cafe for you! With cups split into two sections, you have an option to pick two different flavours here. The interior is cute with a small section of retail goods. Pair your drink with one of their delicious bubble waffles.

Bubble Tea and Bubble Waffle from BTS Vancouver

1680 Robson Street

+1 604 559 8208

4) Infini Tea

This is the spot if you love your fruit tea made with real tea leaves. Not only does Infini Tea use whole loose leaves, they also use real fruit. The drinks are beautiful, they’ll adjust the sugar and ice to your preference and the cafe is small, but clean and bright.

people having a bubble tea at Infini Tea Vancouver

5) Catoro Cafe

We might not have picked this one just for it’s delicious bubble teas. Catoro is a Totoro-themed cat cafe. The space is separated into two areas, the cafe and the Cat Forest, which is home to a handful of feline friends that are up for adoption. There is a fee to enter the forest and weekends get busy so book ahead!

matcha and pink bubble tea with a cat at Catoro Cafe

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