8 must-see street art murals in Ghent

Ghent has a rich historical and cultural tradition, making it a perfect breeding ground for some talented writers and painters. For Street Art Cities, Ghent local Ferdinand created a list of the coolest street art murals in his city. 

1) Bué the Warrior & Co.

Bué the Warrior, Alex & Billy and Merny Wenz: Bué is a local hero who has spread his works all over the city. He has also regularly invited artists from other countries to Ghent. Here is the result of one of the many collabs that resulted from those visits. Bué now lives in Mexico.

Ghent - mural by Bué the Warrior, Alex & Billy and Merny Wenz

Wellingstraat 32

2) A Squid called Sebastian: The Traveler

A Squid Called Sebastian: another local talent with a large work here called The Traveler. Containing all kinds of details relating to his travels and wanderlust, the piece was created during Europe's refugee crisis. Even though he has been living in Ghent for many years, this artist has a very international background.

Ghent - mural A Squid called Sebastian: the traveler

Sleepstraat 80

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3) Bisser: Candy War

This work was created during the famous ‘Gentse Feesten’ (which were unfortunately cancelled this year). It refers to the so-called ‘Neuzekens’ war, when two candy salesmen fought extensively over who could sell his sweets in a local marketplace. Bisser is from Leuven but studied in Ghent for a few years.

Ghent - Bisser: Candy war mural

Berouw 128

4) Resto: Brutus & Goliath

Resto is another local hero who has been painting for many years now. His main goal? Having fun. Here he was inspired by the dog Brutus living in this house. The mural was made during the Sorry Not Sorry festival in 2016.

Ghent - Resto: Brutus & Goliath

Willem De Beersteeg 27

5) Kitsune Jolene: Listen to your momma, darling

This young artist is a fast-growing talent. She started out by helping several street art organisations, and quickly grabbed some cans herself. This was her very first large mural, funded by a crowdfunding. Normally she works with very vibrant colours, but the owners of the house preferred something black and white… and the result is stunning. This piece was voted into the top 5 of best Belgian street artworks by thousands of voters. A rising star to keep an eye on.

Ghent - Kitsune Jolene: Listen to your momma, darling

Napoleon Destanbergstraat 1

6) Oak Oak: Closed Forever

The French artist must be visionary, judging by the series of interventions he created during the Sorry Not Sorry festival 2019. For instance, this Barney Gumble piece who’s waiting for a beer, which was hard to come by when all bars where closed due to the ‘rona thingy. Oak Oak, well known for his funny and geeky interventions that can be hard to find, was invited to work in the old harbour of the city. You can still find 8 of his works in this area.

Ghent - Oak Oak: Closed Forever mural

Dok-Noord 11

7) Erica II Cane & Bastardilla

This Colombian-Italian duo was invited twice for the ‘Gentse Feesten’ festival, and this mural was made during the 2018 edition. To see this work in all of its glory you need a bit of luck, because if the gate is closed you won't see all of it. Still a superb artwork.

Ghent - Erica II Cane & Bastardilla street art mural of a fox

Ham 175

8) Cee Pil: the Lion’s Den

Cee Pil is originally from Ostend, but has been living in Ghent for many years, and is one of the most active artists in town. He's hard to follow around, even though he travels in a eye-catching ride.

He often blends several images of animals into one piece, always creating a surprising result. This mural refers to the history of this part of the city, one of the oldest areas, where there used to be an old castle with… a lion cage.

Ghent - Cee Pil: the Lion’s Den street art mural

Prinsenhof 12

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