The 5 best bike shops in Brussels

1) Velodroom

A friendly bike shop near Place Saint-Géry with young Flemish staff who know their stuff and can explain it in six languages. The shop specialises in solid Belgian urban bikes made by firms like Achielle, which are ideal machines for the daily commute. They also sell Brompton folding bicycles, which are popular with train commuters, though tough to ride up the city’s steep hills, as well as cute wooden bikes for kids.


2) Velofixer

Amor Mistiaen is a friendly bike repair man who will ride across town to fix your broken bike for a modest fee. He also sells cool German bikes and accessories in a tiny shop in the centre of Brussels.

foldable bikes at Velofixer

3) Cyclo

Here is a local bike shop where you can buy good secondhand bicycles and get minor repairs done. Other cyclo workshops are located at railway stations across the city, including Gare Centrale and Gare du Luxembourg in the European Quarter.

Cyclo bike and repair shop

4) Vélocité

This bike shop occupies two corner shops opposite Schaerbeek’s monumental town hall. The stock includes mountain and city bikes, as well as some secondhand models. They also rent and repair.


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