The 5 most stunning bars in Brussels

1) Dominican Lounge Bar

It used to be hard to find a decent place to drink around the opera house. Problem solved. The Dominican bar is a gorgeous space with high ceilings, chandeliers and comfy armchairs. If every last chair is taken, you can often find a table in a former cloister that looks out on a hidden garden.

lounge bar at the Dominican Hotel Brussels

at: Dominican Hotel, Rue Léopold 9

+32 (0)2 203 08 08

2) Chicago

A spacious bar in the Rue de Flandre created by the people behind Houtsiplou. The interior is furnished in 1950s style with bright formica tables, old cinema seats and a row of little potted plants. The kitchen at the back serves basic food like hamburgers and stew, while the bar stocks Bavik beer. Open every day, but they close at 5 pm.

Chicago café in Brussels

3) Library Bar

This is one of the most civilised bars in the EU district. Tucked into a corner of the Stanhope Hotel’s marble lobby, the Library Bar is decorated with leather-bound books and a painting of a dog above a blazing fire. There are newspapers to read while assorted nibbles come with the drinks.

The Library Bar at Stanhope Brussels

at: Stanhope Hotel, Rue du Commerce 9

+32 (0)2 506 91 11

4) Métropole Bar

The Métropole Bar on Place de Brouckère is one of the most stylish spots in town. Many famous people have sat in the glittering 19th-century interior surrounded by marble, gilt and mirrors. Here is the perfect place to sit with a coffee on a Saturday afternoon among elderly ladies with little dogs and actors from downtown theatres.

Métropole hotel bar in Brussels

at: Métropole Hotel, Place de Brouckère 31

+32 (0)2 217 23 00

5) Le Grand Central

Frederic Nicolay has created a spacious cafe with a striking industrial interior on Place Jean Rey. The two-floor interior occupies the ground level of an 11-floor apartment building designed by Belgian architect Pierre Blondel. Take care not to bang your head on the oddly-angled concrete beams that were needed to erect the building above a motorway tunnel. The cafe is open long hours, from early morning until late at night, serving good coffee, organic lunches and Belgian beers.

people at Le Grand Central bar

Rue Belliard 190 / Corner Place Jean Rey

+32 (0)2 721 12 52

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