The 5 best art installations in Brussels

1) The Whirling Ear

Alexander Calder’s mobile sculpture ‘The Whirling Ear’ originally stood in front of the American pavilion at Expo 58. It then disappeared for several decades, but in 2000 it was dusted down and installed in the middle of a fountain near the Fine Arts Museum.

 Whirling Ear statue in Brussels

Mont des Arts

2) Cement Truck

Wim Delvoye’s lifesize Gothic cement mixer stands on a quiet square behind the Flemish theatre. It took a lot of persuading before local residents agreed to have this jagged steel artwork in their neighbourhood.

art installation Cement Truck

Quai au Foin

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3) Blue on Yellow

Daniel Buren has brought life to a grey city square with an urban forest of 89 flagpoles flying distinctive blue and yellow flags.

yellow and blue flagpole at Place de la Justice

Place de la Justice

4) Pessoa benches

The painter Antonieta Jorge worked with C.Ramic cafe in 2006 to create two colourful tiled benches in the heart of the city’s Portuguese quarter. They are decorated with scenes of Lisbon, portraits of the melancholy Portuguese writer Pessoa and pages from his novels. A statue of Pessoa stands nearby in a small enclosed space decorated with Portuguese mosaic tiles.

Shell garage, Place Flagey

5) Zinneke Pis

Tom Frantzen’s 1999 'Zinneke Pis', a statue of a dog pissing in the street, serves as the perfect symbol of this chaotic but charming city. Frantzen also created a statue of a policeman tripped up by a boy hiding in a manhole.

Zinneke Pis the statue of a peeing dog

Rue des Chartreux

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