Unusual bars in Belgium

1) Sas 6

It’s not easy to find Sas 6. You might need to talk to a local. This idyllic waterfront cafe is located at Lock 6 on the canal near Mol. The authentic Flemish interior has two dark rooms furnished with antique lamps, oil paintings and red velvet cinema seats. There are tables out in the garden under the lime trees where cyclists stop off for an Oude Geuze beer and a bowl of soup. It is possibly the most romantic bar in Belgium, even if it is one of the hardest to find.

Sas 6 cafe in Mol

Jaagpad along Kanaal Herentals-Bochold, Sas VI, Mol

+32 (0)14 31 11 40



2) Buvette Sint-Sebastiaan

You might easily miss it as you wander through the romantic Parc Josaphat, past artificial waterfalls and strange bronze statues. The buvette is a plain brick building with rustic wood details near the mini golf course. For many years, it was a private clubhouse where the guild of archers met for beer and dry sausage after practising on the archery range. But it was renovated in 2015 by one of the founders of the Brasserie de la Senne. He turned it into a little bar in the park where you can go for a beer and some simple food. But he also came up with creative ideas to bring people to this hidden spot, like summer jazz concerts, beer tastings and a Friday fish party with rare varieties on the menu. 

a band playing at Buvette Sint-Sebastiaan

Parc Josaphat Avenue Ambassadeur Van Vollenhoven, Brussels



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3) Café Bertrand

The owners of this authentic Ardennes village store and cafe go out of their way to create a friendly atmosphere. You can drop in for a packet of pasta, perch on a bar stool with a local beer or sit down at one of the wooden tables for a plate of Liège meatballs. The cafe is packed with racing fans any time the Grand Prix is held in Francorchamps. 

a glass of Stella Artois beer

Rue Mathieu Nisen 16, Ster-Francorchamps

+32 (0)475 27 62 17


4) Huyze Begga

A step-gabled house inside the walls of Kortrijk’s Begijnhof is now occupied by a coffee house. Formerly the home of the Mother Superior, the 17th-century building was beautifully restored in 2016. It is a relaxed, modern place where you can order coffee, tea or a local beer. The little garden at the front has a few small tables where you can sit in the sun listening to the church bells.

Exterior of Huyze Begga

5) Le Cappuccino

A strange cafe is buried inside a curious round library in the centre of Liège. Designed by Pierre Schuster in 1971, it is a dark, mysterious den with exposed brickwork, wooden rafters and dim lighting. Furnished with old armchairs, piles of magazines and round tables, the cafe has a serious, literary atmosphere. It might look a bit odd, but the young owners have created a relaxed mood with good music, photo exhibitions and excellent espresso coffee. 

interior of Café Bertrand

Rue des Croisiers 40, Liège

+32 (0)4 222 03 83


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