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Stockholm - Marta
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Marta is the creator of A Girl Who Travels, a travel and lifestyle blog focusing on happiness coaching and female travel. Having quit her job to travel the world and eventually setting up her own online business, Marta created A Girl Who Travels to inspire women to live their life with unapologetic passion. A huge fan of all things Scandi and a soft spot for Stockholm, Marta moved to the Swedish capital in the summer of 2019, where she divides her time between fika and more world travels. You can follow her adventures on Instagram.

Charming, wholesome and filled with magic are the first things that come to mind when I think about Stockholm. Be it its closeness to nature which has a way of softening the otherwise busy city life, the mellow nature of Swedes that instantly puts you at ease, or the city’s many cafes and hangout spots, perfect for snuggling up with a coffee and a good book – there’s just something special about this city that keeps me coming back for more. There are countless ways to enjoy Stockholm, but in this post, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite places to relax, slow down, and soak up the city’s atmosphere.

1) Bageri Petrus

Bageri Petrus in Mariatorget has a way of making every day feel like a Sunday morning. The café is small but filled with light and warmth. The moment you open the door, you’re welcomed by the smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns and, of course, coffee. All pastries are handmade according to traditional recipes, adding a taste of nostalgia to your coffee break. Dreamt into life by Petrus Jakobsson, the café draws on his childhood memories and the afternoons he’d spend with his grandma, enjoying a fika. Petrus wanted to design a space that would recreate the experience and he certainly succeeded.

Stockholm - Bageri Petrus pastries

Swedenborgsgatan 4B

+46 8 641 52 11

2) Stadsbiblioteket – Stockholm Public Library

If you’re a book lover, don’t leave Stockholm without paying a visit to Stadbibliotek. Not your typical library, its unique, rotunda-like shape is filled with two million volumes. The books cover the walls from top to bottom, making a full 360 as they circle their way around the building, turning reading into an even more magical experience. The library sits on the edge of Observatorielunden Park, a perfect place to admire the views of Vasastan.

Stockholm - Stadbiblioteket interior

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3) Orangeriet Bar & Café

Filled with plants and light sinking in from the large windows, Orangeriet has a certain lightness to it, which immediately brings to mind summer afternoons – and for a good reason. Sat right by the water, with the silhouette of Gamla Stan to the left and Smedsuddsbadet (a local city beach) only a short walk away, Orangeriet is a perfect place to unwind in the warmer months. The open fire place and cosy corners filled with plants and comfortable blankets make it equally wonderful to enjoy all throughout the year.

Stockholm - Orangeriet

4) Chandelier Bar at Hotel Kungsträdgården

A bit of a hidden gem, the Champagne Bar at Hotel Kungsträdgården features one of Stockholm’s largest crystal chandeliers, weighting over 400 kilos and boasting over 11,000 hand-bound crystals. The bar itself is accessed via a spiral staircase elevated over the restaurant and sits right underneath a glass rooftop, the light streaming through the glass reflecting beautifully in the chandelier. The hotel is known for organising opera nights for guests, and the bar area is a perfect place to enjoy the spectacle.

Stockholm - Chandelier bar at Hotel Kungstradgarden

5) Capitol Cinema and Bistro

Vasastan will forever remain my favourite part of the city – there’s something magical about its pastel-coloured buildings, the combination of the residential yet city-like feel, and the wonderful cafes and hangout spots, bridging the gap between history and the area’s present-day identity. Capitol Theatre and Bistro is one of such places. Built in 1926 as Vasastan's largest and finest cinema, it oozes the 1920s charm until this day. The building combines art deco elements all throughout, and the cinema room with its plush, mint-green seating and charming side tables is a perfect place to soak in the cinematic atmosphere. The bistro is equally charming, offering a combination of homely food and the 20s vibe.

Stockholm - Bio Capitol

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