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Maasboulevard 100
+31 (0)10 751 14 60 

Put your coffee grounds to good use with a RotterZwam growing kit. These black plastic tubs come with a batch of mycelium. Just add your own coffee grounds and some patience and you’ll be eating home grown oyster mushrooms in no time at all. RotterZwam is located in Tropicana, the former tropical swim paradise, but you’ll find their growkits in numerous shops around town as well.

De Rotterdamsche Oude


Verlengde Nieuwstraat

+31 (0)6 543 957 34


The idea for this old Gouda cheese was dreamt up in De Kuip football stadium, when a few businessmen and full- blooded Rotterdammers wanted their own old cheese (and not the one from Amsterdam!). De Rotterdamsche Oude is made by cheesemaker Dick Schumacher and is sold at the brand store inside Markthal. 

Screen print by Saskia Haex

AT: Groos

Achterklooster 13

+31 (0)10 413 33 44


The illustrator, designer, organiser of cultural events and bike lover Saskia Haex has created a series of screen prints of Rotterdam icons. They are
fine line drawings in blue or green of the new central station, Rem Koolhaas’ skyscraper De Rotterdam and Hotel New York, among others. The prints are exclusively for sale at Groos or can be ordered online. 


Nieuwe Binnenweg 95-B
+31 (0)10 785 84 96 

In 2007, the young designer Guy de Hoog transformed the city’s emblem into a contemporary design which he stamped on apparel and accessories. Since then, he has expanded his collection with Rotterdam icons like the boxer Bep van Klaveren and Markthal. The promotional slogan ‘010 isn’t just a code’ is a way of life that appeals to Rotterdammers and visitors alike. 

Rotterdamsche confituur

Pretorialaan 6-A

+31 (0)6 145 562 77 

You can smell fresh fruit as it is being cooked for lovely organic jams like apple, lime and ginger or pineapple, banana and cranberry, once you enter this small shop in Afrikaanderplein. It was founded to help local youngsters gain working experience. Have a thick slice of bread with jam and a cup of coffee, or buy a jar to take home. 

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