The 5 most unusual places to have a drink Prague


Náplavka (under the railway bridge)

+420 602 211 181

A funky bar on a converted steam cargo boat. Its lower deck has a fireplace, a piano and swinging seats, the upper deck has a large terrace overlooking the old railway bridge on one side and the Castle on the other. It hosts electronic gigs every other day and occasional exhibitions.


K Brusce 5

Just a stone’s throw from the castle, you will find the last surviving specimen of the city’s Baroque ramparts in the city centre. Nowadays you can see an exhibition here or just have a drink. Once a month they organise a jazz concert.

The Grebovka Vineyard Pavilion

Havlíčkovy sady 1369

+420 725 000 334

In the middle of a park that used to be a private garden of a rich industrial entrepreneur. The pavilion’s first floor has a bar and gallery, the second floor is used to host private events. Local grapes are planted on a southern slope, making it one of the two places in Prague where wine is produced.

Café Vítkov

U Památníku 1900

+420 603 554 520

The equestrian statue of Vítkov Memorial is visible from everywhere in the city. Originally designed for the first Czechoslovak president, the monument honours the victory of the protestant Jan Žižka. Enjoy the scenic view from the cafe located on the 2nd floor of the gigantic building that once served as a mausoleum.

Cross Club

Plynární 23
+420 736 535 010

Holešovice used to be an industrial district full of factories. With its industrial interior, Cross Club is a living witness. Ramble around the iron balconies, cog wheel mechanisms, chill on the outside terrace or dance all night long. Your call.

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