5 charming hidden courtyards Prague


Smetanovo nábřeží 6

This courtyard belongs to the faculty of Social Sciences. You will need to ask the person at reception to let you in, explaining that you are visiting the cafe. After checking out this pleasant student eatery in a former garage, feel free to roam around the building and courtyard with its many balconies.

House at the Golden Ring

Týnská 6

Walk past the reception of Prague’s City Museum into a small courtyard between two medieval buildings. During the summer it transforms into the terrace of a literary cafe, so while you sip your beverage you can admire its Tuscan pillars and Gothic vaults.


Na Florenci 15

In the middle of this shopping passage, you will find the entrance to a courtyard. The first one is full of glass and concrete, but if you walk through, another space will open up in front of you, behind Desfour Palace. Its garden was transformed into a peaceful oasis.

Post Office Headquarters

Jindřišská 14

+420 221 131 445

Prague’s central post office opened here in 1874. Since then, the courtyard has been skilfully transformed into a main hall. On the first floor you can visit an exhibition on the history of postal services. The building is connected to the world’s last municipal pneumatic post system in operation, which is 55 kilometres long.


Betlémské náměstí 1

This is the courtyard of a former brewery and distillery. The buildings were acquired in 1826 by the Fingerhut family. Their son Vojta Náprstek, a philanthropist and patriot who had his name changed to the Czech translation, established the Museum of Asian, African and American cultures.

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