The 5 best tram, bus and boat rides in Lisbon

1) Trafaria Praia

Joana Vasconcelos, Portugal’s leading contemporary artist, created Trafaria Praia for the Venice Biennale as an allegorical blend of the iconic Lisbon ferryboat, the cacilheiro, and the Venetian vaporetto. Vasconcelos’ floating artwork is now docked in Lisbon and is open for visits and river cruises.

Lisbon - Trafaria Praia

2) Cacilheiro

Cacilheiros are the boats that connect the two banks of the Tagus. As the name hints, they originally linked Lisbon to Cacilhas, but now there are more routes. The trip is phenomenal and lets visitors experience Lisbon in a different way.

Lisbon - Cacilheiro

3) Number 28 tram

A ride with the number 28 tram (7 kilometres in total) is probably Lisbon’s most popular tourist activity. The tram takes passengers from Campo de Ourique to Martim Moniz, going up and down the hills and passing by the city’s major points of interest. Beware of pickpockets on the tram.

Lisbon - tram 28

4) Cork tram

Enjoy a ride on any of the two trams that have been completely recovered and lined in cork, a very important product for the Portuguese economy (Portugal is the biggest producer of cork in the world). The ‘Eletri’Cork’ trams rides in the historic centre, from Figueira Square to the Castle of São Jorge.

Lisbon - Cork Tram

5) Hippotrip

The HIPPOtrip bus/boat offers a funky and adventurous Lisbon sightseeing experience aboard amphibious vehicles that take passengers on a 90-minute trip around the city by land and... river. During the tour the lively animators will entertain passengers while sharing historical facts and stories about the places they pass by.

Lisbon - Hippotrip

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