The 5 best places for a tasty burger in Rotterdam

1) Ter Marsch & Co

Ter Marsch & Co has probably won more awards (best burger, best fries) than there are burgers on the menu. The burgers and steaks might be slightly more expensive than at your regular burger place, but they are of superior quality. Take the ‘Burgeresse’ burger, which includes Scottish angus beef, Japanese Wagyu and pancetta. All burgers can be ordered with a veggie alternative.

a burger on a plate and a neon sign of Ter Marsch & Co

Witte de Withstraat 70

2) Burgertrut

This slightly artsy, easy-going and affordable burger joint was started by the adjacent Roodkapje art and music venue, so your cash will support the arts. The menu includes organic, vegetarian and vegan burgers, and even veggie or vegan kapsalon (a local treat, made of French fries topped with shoarma meat and melted cheese).

a cheeseburger from Burgertrut Rotterdam

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3) Diego's

Diego Buik, the man behind this burger joint at Kop van Zuid, has won several prizes. The most remarkable is the award for most expensive burger in the world: his white truffle, caviar, lobster, foie gras and gold leaf burger costs 2050 euro.
Luckily, Diego’s tricks in Rotterdam are more affordable and just as tasty.

elegant interior of Diego's hamburger restaurant in Rotterdam

4) Hamburg

They were among the first restaurants of the recent hamburger wave that swept Rotterdam (in particular the Witte de With area), and Hamburg hasn’t changed much since opening in 2014. The ingredients are fresh and of high quality, the setting is basic. The menu also includes vegetarian options.

interior of burger restaurant Hamburg Rotterdam

5) Burger Club

A specific Dutch cattle breed, Japanese Wagyu beef or Iberico pork: at Burger Club you can select the meat you like best. The taste of the meat is what makes these luxurious burgers so special. The sauces only enhance it. The menu also includes fresh French fries, a vegetarian weed burger and a fine selection of gin and tonics.

Burger and beers at the Burger Club Rotterdam

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