The 4 best cocktail bars in Rotterdam

1) Tiki's Bar & Grill

Tiki’s has such a diverse range of customers that it’s hard to predict whom you’ll meet. On weekends, this bar is packed with people of all ages and backgrounds, enjoying a beer or a cocktail. The menu ranges from classic cocktails like a Mojito and a Margherita to the Godfather (Amaretto and Jack Daniels) and the Banana Daiquiri with fresh banana and rum.

Tiki themed bar in Rotterdam and people enjoying a drink

2) Dr. Rotterdam

Revealing too much about Dr. Rotterdam would spoil the fun. This cocktail bar is hidden somewhere in the area around the Euromast, a place once infamous for its many prostitutes and criminals. You’re only allowed to enter if you’ve made an appointment. Just go to the website to make a reservation, or call when you want to book on short notice, and you’ll get the address.

Smoky cocktail at Dr. Rotterdam

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3) Noah

Ordering a drink at Noah’s feels like a journey through cocktail history. It was voted the country’s best cocktail bar and serves classics from the 1920s, exotic blends, mixes with surprising ingredients like bacon aroma, or your personal favourites. Order some ‘haute cuisine street food’ on the side or burn away the calories on one of their regular dance evenings.

bar interior of Noah

4) Ballroom

This stylish and atmospheric gastrococktail bar specialises in gin tonics, serving over 100 types of gin from all over the world. The menu has several quick bites if you are peckish and plates that constitute a full meal. Several dishes contain meatballs, Ballroom’s trademark (ball room, got it?). Behind the building is an open patio – a great spot for a drink on sunny days.

interior of cocktail bar Ballroom

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