The 4 most quiet places in Rotterdam

1) Historic Garden Schoonoord

This historical 1,2-hectare garden was designed by J.D. Zocher in English landscape style. The garden is home to some special trees and over 1000 plants. There are koi carp in the pond and a tawny owl has been spotted here.

Schoonoord park in Rotterdam

2) Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum

Trompenburg is a beautiful collection of botanical gardens with different atmospheres. It’s a good place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and to admire the trees (many species of oak, beech and holly), flowering plants and cacti. It boasts a teahouse, an aviar

a tree with orange flowers at the Trompenburg Tuinen

3) Slotvijver Kralingen

Once upon a time there was a castle here named Slot Honingen. Its ruins were demolished in 1672, but the pond is the remainder of its moat and is surrounded by centuries-old trees and stately mansions, including Het Oude Slot (the old castle), which dates from 1870. You’ll find the house at Slotlaan 29. In the stained glass window you can see the old Honingen castle.

a quiet pond in Kralingen, Rotterdam

Slotbrug 1

4) Crooswijk Cemetery

This oldest municipal cemetery was founded in 1832. It’s partly laid out in classic English garden style, which makes for a peaceful and green environment. There are more than 17.000 graves here, with special Roman-Catholic and Islamic sections. There are also more than a 1000 graves of people who perished in the 1940 bombing of the city.

Crooswijk Cemetery in Rotterdam

Kerkhoflaan 1

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