5 towers to climb in Amsterdam

1) Kalvertoren

A shopping centre in busy Kalverstraat, close to Muntplein, which boasts several well-known chain stores. But few people know you can climb all the way up into the tower, where you’ll find cafe-restaurant Blue with a 360° view over the city centre. 

view from the Kalvertoren

2) Fletcher Hotel Sky Lounge

There are not enough superlatives to describe the sky lounge on the 17th floor of the blue Fletcher tower. It has the highest view of Amsterdam, a whale shaped piano and a massive chandelier. Drink a cocktail here or have some sushi. Only drawback: it’s located in a not so charming office area in the southeast. 

Fletcher Hotel Sky Lounge view

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3) Westertoren

With its red and blue roof, this is one of the most iconic towers of Amsterdam. Anne Frank wrote about her view of the tower from her room in her diary, and there are many classic Jordaan songs featuring the Westertoren. From April through October there are daily guided tours. It’s also the highest tower (85m) in Amsterdam.

a view over the canal with the Westertoren in the background in Amsterdam

Frans Ruiter

4) Ransdorper Toren

Ransdorp is a village from the Middle Ages that was popular with seafarers. It was swallowed up by Amsterdam in 1921. The truncated Ransdorper tower dates from the sixteenth century and is the oldest remnant of the old village. It’s open daily in summer, except for Mondays. The tower offers views of Amsterdam North, the River IJ and even IJburg. 

view from the Ransdorper Toren

Durgerdammerdijk 63

+31 (0)20 490 46 05

5) A'dam Toren

North of the River IJ is where you’ll find one of Amsterdam’s most eye-catching towers. It was designed in the seventies by Arthur Staal for Royal Dutch Shell, and is still known as the Shell Tower. It remained vacant for several years, but in 2014 the renovation of the tower started. The building is now home to offices, music studios, clubs, a hotel and a revolving restaurant with an observation deck and swings on the rooftop. 

A'dam tower

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