5 great spots to enjoy the river Isar Munich


This spot is (not only) popular with families. It is probably the best place to be near the River Isar in the city centre, and, for those who are keen, to take a dip, or even float down a little stretch of it. Please do take care and ask locals for advice. There are plenty of cases of people who have drowned in the Isar! You can buy drinks at the nearby Alpine Museum cafe.


Zentralländstrasse 35
+49 (0)179 592 5572

This small kiosk is located just south of the Isarauen, the green area around the River Isar. In spite of its name it is not next to Flaucher, but next to Flosslände. In the summer, things get less busy here than in the surrounding area. They sell freshly grilled Currywurst, chilled drinks and ice cream. A good place for a picnic by the river.

Grosshesseloher Brücke


This railway bridge sits high above the river. A combined foot and bike path runs under the tracks. From here, you can enjoy a fantastic view over the valley of the Isar. This is also the city’s southern limit.


Auf der Insel

This ‘culture beach’ takes place from May to August on the Museumsinsel, north of Ludwigsbrücke. It is open daily from 12 to midnight and creates a genuine holiday atmosphere in the heart of the city. In addition to drinks and street food, Kulturstrand is an open cultural platform with lots of different performances and concerts.


In the recent past, the Isar’s river bed has been widened, concrete embankments removed and the banks flattened so the river can reclaim its natural course. This bridge (for pedestrians and cyclists only) is a particularly beautiful place to admire this ‘new’ Isar.