5 places for organic food and regional cooking Munich

Sir Tobi

Sternstrasse 16
+49 (0)89 324 948 25

You might not expect a cosy restaurant like this here. They serve alpine specialities such as schnitzel or Käsespätzle. Come here for their down-to-earth, - delicious cooking that is slow food-certified. Very popular in the neighbourhood.


Reitmorstrasse 3
+49 (0)89 255 422 20

A place where you can enjoy a seasonal menu of fine alpine cuisine and assorted wines. All set in a relaxed atmosphere. The interior is rustic, yet contemporary. The owner will tell you about the food and help you choose a wine. Prepare to enjoy a really nice evening.


Baumstrasse 21
+49 (0)89 200 352 78

This is a very straightforward place, with a no-frills interior, dimmed light and plain wooden tables. Local ingredients and organic meat on the menu. You’ll always feel at ease here, also with children. On warm days, you can sit outside and enjoy a relaxed evening in the neighbourhood. Cash only.

Herrmanns-Dorfer Am Viktualienmarkt

Frauenstrasse 6
+49 (0)89 263 525

The company was the first to supply highquality organic meat and now operates several shops in Munich, as well as two bistros, one of them here in the city centre. Sit at bar tables while you watch the chef prepare your meal. Definitely worth the wait, this is a good place for a tasty lunch break.

Der Dantler

Werinherstrasse 15
+49 (0)89 392 926 89

They call themselves a Bavarian deli and serve food that combines various alpine influences, with a creative twist. They only use sustainable ingredients, some are even produced on the premises. Try their Bavarian interpretation of ramen soup. Closed on weekends and Friday evenings.