5 old street advertisements you cannot afford to miss in Paris

1) Bowling Publicity

This slightly flaky painting depicts a couple, in fifties-style clothes, surrounded by bowling balls and pins. They are looking to the other side of the street. This ad encourages people to cross the street and go to the bowling alley. Don’t hesitate to follow the advice and visit this tiny but fun neighbourhood bowling alley.

Rue Mouffetard Bowling mural

82 rue Mouffetard

2) Savon Cadum Publicity

Take a moment to look up on the busy Grands Boulevards at the advertisement painted here in 1912 by the famous painter and fireman Arsène-Marie, which was recently restored. A baby with blonde curls smiles cutely against a blue background. This illustration was used as the brand logo for the wellknown French soap brand Cadum.

a vintage billboard of Savon Cadum

5 boulevard Montmartre

3) Chocolat Rozan Publicity

At the time, this wall invited people to indulge – this ad extolled the benefits of the milk chocolate that was produced in the Pyrenees. It was very successful in the early 20th century, before it was acquired by Swiss company Lindt.

old Chocolat Rozan Publicity in rue Marx-Dormoy

Jeanne Menjoulet

1 rue Marx-Dormoy

4) Kub Publicity

This ad for Kub stock is a real masterpiece. It has been very well preserved and covers an entire façade. In 1990, he artist-upholsterer and designer Christian Zeimert added a fun element to this 19th-century painted ad: it now reads ‘kiss me kub’.

Kiss me Kub in the Rue de Charonne

50 rue de Charonne

5) Suze Publicity

This ad for liqueur was painted on the gable end of a building so you could see it from the street level as well as from the metro viaduct. Nowadays it is partly covered with graffiti and the colours are fading. However, it still is a good example of the ubiquitous advertising on the city streets at the time.

old publicity of Suze in Paris

7 rue Barrault

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