5 recognizable places from NORDIC NOIR TV Copenhagen


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The unusual, Italianate Jesus Church in Valby was commissioned by Carlsberg beer magnate Carl Jacobsen, whose fa- mily is now buried in the church’s crypt. Jesus Church was used for funeral scenes in the popular Danish TV series Borgen (2010-2013). Tip: don’t miss the statue Troll that smells Christian blood.


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Once considered a masterpiece of the stark neoclassical style of European architecture, Copenhagen’s Politigården (police headquarters) was built in 1924 and is well known to viewers of The Bridge, The Killing, and several other popular Danish crime series.

Humbley Neighbourhood

Ernst Meyers Gade
Copenhagen V


This yellow bricked ‘city within the city’ was built in the 1880s as housing for the employees of Burmeister & Wain, a large industrial manufacturer. Located just outside of Vesterbro, the charming neighbourhood of Humleby shows up in several episodes of the Danish series The Killing (2007-2012).


Opened in July of 2000, the Øresund Bridge is the principal road and rail connection between Copenhagen and Malmo, Sweden. The elegant profile of the bridge can be viewed from both countries and was a central setting in the first series of the Danish-Swedish crime series The Bridge (2011-present).


Christiansborg Slot 1
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The Borgen TV series takes its title from the nickname of Christiansborg, the stately home to the Danish parliament, the Danish constitution, and the prime minister’s offices. Tip: check online for the schedule of free, English language tours of Christiansborg offered throughout the year.

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