5 markets to explore in Toronto

1) Sorauren Farmers' Market

Sorauren operates on Mondays from 3 to 7 pm. The timing makes it accessible to a lot of people, because it allows you to pick up some produce after work. Some people head to the park and pick up snacks for dinner while their kids play. It’s a family-oriented market.

50 Wabash Avenue


2) Cabbagetown Farmers' Market

The Cabbagetown Market runs from June to October and is located in Riverdale Park West. It’s a pretty spot to visit on a Tuesday evening. The view of the city will be a nice bonus to your visit. There’s a crepe vendor, Vanilla DC. Head there to pick up dessert.

at: Riverdale Park West, 191 Winchester Street


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3) Gerrard India Bazaar

The Bazaar is more of a series of planned events and sales than a farmers’ market. All events are timed with different Indian celebrations. Not only do local vendors sell their wares, but each event is meant to help promote Indian culture and Canadian diversity. Always a lot of fun.

a shop selling food during the Gerrard India Bazaar

Gerrard Street East between Glenside and Coxwell


4) Nathan Phillips Square Farmers' Market

This is a big market, centrally located in downtown Toronto. People often pop out of offices to purchase their lunch here. Open Wednesdays from 8 am to 3 pm from May to October. There is also a stage where bands perform during the market. They usually have family events planned as well.

fresh apples at the Nathan Phillips Square Farmers' Market

100 Queen Street West

5) Evergreen Brick Works' Farmers' Market

The Brick Works’ market is open on Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm. It’s another huge market, perhaps the largest in Toronto. The Brick Works fiercely promotes environmental sustainability. You’ll find lots of local vendors with everything from handmade items to organic produce. There are often activities for children, too.

people buying groceries at the Evergreen Brick Work's farmer market

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