The 5 best Brussels songs in Brussels

1) Ne me quitte pas

Jacques Brel was born in the Schaerbeek district of Brussels in 1929. Many consider the 1959 Ne Me Quitte Pas his greatest song.

2) Les Yeux de ma Mère

Arno is a weather-beaten Flemish rock singer who now lives in the Dansaert district. Listen to the 1995 song Les yeux de ma mère for a taste of Arno’s raw honesty.

3) La Crise

The Belgian band Daan performs dark electronic dance songs. The protest song La Crise (The Crisis), featuring a Greek bouzouki, was a major hit in Greece.

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4) Overlast

Four Flemish rappers capture the dark underbelly of Brussels in their moody, melancholy hip hop. Stikstof has developed a unique sound that plunges the listener into the edgy NY nightlife.

5) Formidable

Stromae released this hypnotic dance single after he broke up with his girlfriend in 2013. The YouTube video clip shows him stumbling around apparently drunk at 8.30 am at the Louise tram stop.

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