5 x Coffeeklatch's favourites in Antwerp

Antwerp - Coffeeklatch Bart Kiggen and Magali Elali at home with their son
Bart Kiggen & Magali Elali Studio Coffeeklatch

Hi, we’re Magali Elali and Bart Kiggen, partners in life and work. In our Antwerp-based home/workspace/gallery/apartment we combine photography with journalism and graphic design. We love delving into the homes and lives of creatives, but we also share a fondness for plants and pets. We have published two books, Greenterior, and just recently Wild at Heart - For the Love of Pets and Beautiful Homes. With a creative studio on the go and a curious toddler that keeps us even busier, we like the vibe of our bustling town of Antwerp.

1) Park Spoor Noord

A stone's throw away from our home, there’s a public park, called Park Spoor Noord. Here, local kids splash around shallow water basins, and parents come together to spend a lazy afternoon drinking rosé and enjoying pizza in deck chairs at Bar Noord.

Antwerp - Park Spoor Noord terrace children playing in water

Park Spoor Noord, Viaduct-Dam


2) Brandbar

Another hotspot in Antwerp North, and very close to the park is Brandbar. Only opened one year ago by Sara and Alain, this coffee bar has become a favourite amongst local creatives. We like coming here after meetings to reboot. It's the best place to unwind and to welcome the weekend with friends and drinks.

Antwerp - Brandbar
© Bart Kiggen

Duboisstraat 75


3) September Lokaal

Run by husband-and-wife team Ann and Koen, this small bistro in Borgerhout serves the best lunch - and occasional dinners -  in town. The menu varies daily, and the quality of the food is exquisite. We like savouring dishes that we are not able to cook or think of ourselves. And September does just that. We highly recommend it.

Antwerp - September terrace
© Bart Kiggen

4) Cremerie Germaine

Indulge your sweet tooth with artisanal ice cream. Opt for caramel sallato in summer, and go for crepes, waffles and ice cake in winter. The saloon is open all year. As it is located at the Eilandje, make sure to go for a walk along the harbour and visit the MAS museum. Take the escalator to the roof and enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

Cremerie Germaine interior with optical tiles and golden counter

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